How to Watch Pope Francis’s Easter Sunday Mass Livestream

How to Watch Pope Francis’s Easter Sunday Mass Livestream

The service will be broadcast from an empty St. Peter’s Basilica.

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  • Pope Francis’s Easter Sunday Mass will be livestreamed on Sunday, April 12.
  • More Holy Week celebrations will be livestreamed on the Vatican’s YouTube channel as well.
  • « May we not be concerned about what we lack, but what good we can do for others, » the pope said during his Palm Sunday Mass.

The coronavirus pandemic is shifting how worshippers of all denominations celebrate the holidays. Earlier this week, Jewish families gathered over Zoom for Passover seders. Others are preparing for a new kind of Easter celebration—instead of attending church in person, church services will come to them.

On Sunday, April 12, Pope Francis’s Easter Sunday service will be livestreamed throughout the world. Easter Sunday Mass will mark the culmination of the pope’s celebrations throughout Holy Week, including services on Palm Sunday and Good Friday.

Due to social distancing measures, the pope’s Easter Sunday Mass will take place in a near-empty St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. According to NPR, the only people present at Pope Francis’s Palm Sunday Mass were aides and a short list of invited attendees.

The small audience is highly unusual, to say the least. Typically, tens of thousands of people gather in St. Peter’s Square for Easter Sunday Mass, and other Holy Week rituals. However, St. Peter’s Square has been closed to the public since March 10. Unfortunately, Italy has been one of the countries most affected by the pandemic.


Still, in front of this minuscule in-person audience, Pope Francis gave a message loud enough for all the world to hear.

« The tragedy we are experiencing summons us to take seriously the things that are serious and not to be caught up in those that matter less; to rediscover that life is of no use if not used to serve others, » Pope Francis said on Palm Sunday.

Tune in to the pope’s Easter Sunday Mass to hear what he has to say.

When does Pope Francis’s Easter Sunday Mass start?

Set your alarm clocks. The pope’s mass livestream will begin on Sunday, April 12 at 11 a.m. in Rome, which is 5 a.m. ET.

That means you can gather with loved ones for Easter Sunday brunch, whether in person or over video chat, after the services are through.

How do I watch the pope’s Easter Sunday Mass?

You can watch the livestream through the Vatican Media Youtube Channel. If you don’t want to get up quite so early, the video will be available after.

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