Offre d’emploi pour la maison

This is Pankaj, I am recruiter with ZeroChaos.  We are currentlylooking for people to work from home, rating adverts on websites— this exciting opportunity is a fully remote role and an amazing way to earn money on your own schedule.


Are you fluent in any of the following languages and familiar with the region’s local culture?


Language     Region    
Danish Denmark
German Germany
Hebrew Israel
Finnish Finland
French France
Polish Poland
Indonesian Indonesia


I would like to invite you to apply directly on our website.

1)      Select the language under Job Listings

2)      Upload your resume

3)      Complete your profile and submit!

For more information please visit and see below:

Ads Quality Rater

  • Flexible hours, you can earn money on your own schedule $15 per hour
  • As an Ads Rater, you are given sample search terms and shown advertisements that would be placed with search results
  • You will be viewing ads in your applied to language and then you will be providing your feedback and analysis by identifying when language sounds funny, awkward, or unnatural

For immediate review of your application, please make sure to select « Referral » under « Where did you hear about us? » and then in put my name: Pankaj Patil where it says to Source specify further


If you have any questions or need any assistance during the process, please feel free to contact me



Best Regards,



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