. CIRQUE DE BOHEME at Cornerstone Sonoma

November 25-December 18, 2016.  CIRQUE DE BOHEME at Cornerstone Sonoma. An old style circus based on the French tradition of the 1920’s, Le Cirque de Bohème will transport you into a magical world filled with enchantment, adventure and wonder.  Delight in work of world class performers including a Unicycle, Hand to Hand acrobats, Static Trapeze, Tight-Rop funambule, Hand Chairs Balancing, Hooper Aerialist, Mime, Clown,  and more !!   Enjoy this French Holiday Tradition in the beautiful gardens at Cornerstone Sonoma.  Le Cirque de Bohème is an intimate gathering limited to 140 guests per show under the charming tent in the gardens at Cornerstone.  Ticket refunds or changes are allowed up to 5 days prior to the show.  If you are not at the circus door 10 minutes before the show, the directer of the circus will take the possibility to resale your tickets. And also no one with tickets can be admitted inside the tent if the show already start, for the safety of our artists.  NOTE: Door opens 30 minutes before the performance start time.  Door director will check in guests up unit 10 minutes before the performance start time.  While the show is definitely family oriented, we have found through experience that children under four or five sometimes have issues with the dark interior and / or loud sounds that are part of our performance. And, unfortunately, it is not as simple as just leaving if the toddler becomes restless. Because of the inherent difficulty and danger of many of our acts (aerialists, tight rope etc.), distraction from the audience is a critical safety concern.  Our venue is intimate and dark. Opening the tent door in the middle of the performance let’s in light and is a big concern of ours. Therefor, we do our best to avoid it.  In the end, you know your child better than anyone and it is up to your judgement.   This show is not appropriate for baby.  More information and tickets at http://cirquedeboheme2016.brownpapertickets.com/


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