Palo Alto cinema francais. 408-761-8158 Le French Film Club of Palo Alto



Welcome Back to the first fall season screening!
When? Sept 30th at 8:30pm (7:30 pm for conversation)
Where? 555 Waverley Ave, Palo Alto (All Saints Parish Hall)
Dear friends and fans of french and francophone films.
Here we are, lining up new films for the season. The first one is what is, without doubt, the most important subject of this century! Climate change!
Earlier this year, a french film, a documentary, came to our attention after the COPT 21 Paris Climate conference, due to its (the film)  unexpected huge success gathering over 1 million spectators in France alone.
The title DEMAIN (Tomorrow) is purposely ambiguous but yet very precise.
They did not say APRES-DEMAIN ( After-Tomorrow) which is what too many people think when discussing climate change. And particularly our politicians.
The « Paris Climat 2015 » conference (COPT21) was to be a milestone in the negotiation of the future international agreement that will take effect in 2020, aiming for all countries, including the largest emitters of greenhouse gases – developed countries as well as developing countries – to be committed to a universal binding climate agreement. The setbacks and limits of our current way of life make it clear that, if we keep following the same path, our society is doomed. We urgently need a new aspiration, able to guide our choices and stimulate our creativity, before something irreversible happens. It is this idea that TOMORROW sets out to sketch. All over the world, new models and new ways of viewing agriculture, economics, energy, education and town planning are changing our ways of tackling projects, building and living together. So far, no other documentary has gone down this road. Most of them limit themselves to condemning, analyzing or deconstructing. TOMORROW creates a new genre: a positive, constructive film that provides solutions and contributes to creating a new imagination for the future.


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