af silicon valley presente: Chateau de Chantilly

Chateau de Chantilly

French Lecturer

A VISIT TO THE CHATEAU OF CHANTILLY: The hidden jewel of French heritage.
Richard Nixon said « Why I have been taken to Versailles seven times and never before there? » 
Let’s travel to the Chateaux of Chantilly which stands at the heart of a vast domain covering 7800 hectares located in one of the largest forests near Paris. 
The Palace of Chantilly is one of the most beautiful princely estates in France constructed long back from the middle Ages. 
It is really Anne de Montmorency who really transformed the medieval fortress into a true Renaissance castle as in the 16th the lords came back from their wars in Italy with a taste for the arts, architecture and classical gardens.
In 1643 Chantilly came into the hands of the Grand Conde  who transformed the Estate by commissioning the landscape architect   Andre Le Notre who was said to  have started to work with a shovel in his hand  and who would be  the future designer of the Park of Versailles.  
The Chateau de Chantilly contains the second largest art collection after the Louvre, with a fine collection of sculpture, historic manuscript and famous paintings by Raphael, Poussin, Delacroix, Ingres, Watteau and many others. 
Its library contains the priceless Book of Hours du Duc de Berry, said to be the most beautiful book in the world.  
Let’s unveil this memorable Palace where The Grand Vattel committed suicide, its stables that resemble a palace, and of course the delicious whipped cream and black lace for which the town is famous.
When: Friday January 22 at 7 pm – Lecture (in French)
Where: Calabazas Library 1230 S. Blaney Ave, San Jose
Please register and Buy your ticket early as seating is limited. FREE for AFSCV Members. $10 for non-members Thanks

Eventbrite - The Chateau de Chantilly - Its Art Collection by Celine Glon, French Lecturer

Celine Glon
Celine Glon
All about Celine
Celine has studied English at the University of Aix en Provence after spending one year as an Au Pair in Cleveland, Ohio.
In 1996 she moved to Paris and fell in love with the city and graduated as a certified tour guide in Art and History in order to lead American groups all over Paris and its region.
She has worked for 10 years with the best Destination Management companies, and therefore developing strong networking relations.

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