July 2014 Elko Basque Festival Celebrating 51 years.

2014 Elko Basque Festival
The National Elko Basque began with a celebration that brought sheepherders and cattle ranchers into town for a day of celebration. The festival became a two-day event in 1964, now known as the National Basque Festival. The weekend festivities were scheduled around the 4th of July weekend, to celebrate with this great Country and to thank them for accepting Basques and their heritage so freely. The festival this year will be held July 4th through 6th. Experience great food, music, dance, and of course people.
The festival will kick off on Friday July 4th at the Elko Basque Club. Come and enjoy the evening with family and friends to get a taste of what is to come for the rest of the weekend. There will be dancing by the Elko Ariñak dancers, Basque sport exhibitions of weight lifting and wood chopping, a paella contest and this year we will have a performance from the participants of the Udaleku Camp (a NABO sponsored Basque culture camp). Stay and enjoy our facilities to watch the firework display that evening.
Saturday will start off with a 5K run and then move on to our annual parade in downtown Elko. The parade will end at the Elko County Fairgrounds, where we will have an afternoon filled with events, food and drinks. There will be multiple dance groups and athletes from across the country performing. Watch traditional Basque rural sports featuring weightlifting, wood chopping, tug-o-war and more. That evening we will dance the night away from a performance by Basque-American group, Amuma Says No out of Boise, ID. To wind down the festival on Sunday, we will gather for a morning mass at the Elko Basque Club followed by a sheepherder’s bread contest. Spend the day enjoying a picnic of delicious Basque cuisine while watching dance and Basque sport exhibitions. Sunday will also include our Jota and Irrintzi contest. If you would like more information feel free to go to our contact page and email us



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