Cinema Francais Palo Alto: Viva Laldjerie (Viva Algeria)

Friday May 17th Viva Laldjerie (Viva Algeria)
By Director Nadir Mokneche

Nadir Moknèche was born February 21, 1966 (47 years) in Paris to Algerian parents. His father died three years later in an accident at work, causing the return of her mother with her two son in Algiers, where she became a receptionist.
He went to a Christian boarding school at the height of the Boumediene regime, nationalization, agrarian revolution, supply shortages. At 16, he left his family to return to Paris. He found the furnished hotel where he was born.
After school and two years of law, he changed direction and decides to follow drama school, among others in the school of Theatre National de Chaillot. During this learning period, he discovered the cinema, bought a Super 8 camera and was introduced to the image. In 1993 he moved to New York for two years, enrolled at The New School for Social Research, where he made two short films.
Back in Paris, he directed his first feature, shot in Morocco: The Harem of Madame Osman in 2000 and Viva Laldjérie, shot in Algiers in 2003 was the film that revealed him to the public. Delice Paloma, story of a pimp mother who wants to buy a virtue, shot in Algiers in 2006, did not get a visa for public showing in Algeria.
His fourth film Goodbye Morocco, shot in Tangier just came out in French theaters on February 13, 2013.


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