Generation Theatre: Marius by Marcel Pagnol

From August 8 through 25, 2013, at Fort Mason’s Southside Theatre, GenerationTheatre will give 12 performances of Marius, the celebrated comedy by French playwright Marcel Pagnol (author of My Father’s Glory, Manon of the Springs, and many other famous plays and movies). This production of Marius will premiere a new English translation of the play approved by Marcel Pagnol’s Estate. (Video trailer at ; more information at ).
GenerationTheatre’s production of Marius is one of four major productions selected by Fort Mason Center for its annual arts festival, Fort Mason Center Present ( This month-long run of Marius at Fort Mason, which also benefits from the collaboration of the French Consulate in San Francisco and the Berkeley Alliance Française, is expected to attract Francophile audiences throughout the Bay Area, as well as Francophile tourists. (Potential exposure: Over 1,500 Francophile audience members)
In addition, one hour before curtain time, a Provençal Evening will offer the audience live music, a Provençal market place, and live presentations about Provence and Marcel Pagnol’s life and work. (More information about the pre-show events at
Advertising space in the playbill for Marius is available at the following rates:
Back Cover and Inside Front Cover (color):
Quarter Page: $60
Half Page: $110
Full Page: $200
Inside Pages (black and white):
Quarter Page: $40
Half Page: $90
Full Page: $150
If you would like to purchase advertising space in the playbill and reach the Francophile audience of Marius, please respond to this email or call (415)-644-8676.

The Playbill Team
T. 415.644.8676


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