The French Film Club of Palo Alto presents: INCH’ ALLAH

These next two months , we will continue our African Francophone film series with coming May 3rd:
INCH’ ‘ALLAH DIMANCHE, a wonderful Franco-Algerian production directed by Yamina Benguigui, released in 2001.

Yamina Benguigui was born in 1957 (56) in Lille, France from an Algerian family.  She distinguished herself with films dedicated to the memory of immigrants and particularly  immigrants from Algeria and the Maghreb.

Benguigui’ s parents were Algerian Kabyle and immigrated to France from Algeria in the early 1950s. She never discovered why her parents decided to leave Algeria, saying the subject was considered taboo. Born in Lille, Benguigui was the eldest daughter of six children and spent her childhood in northern France. Describing herself as a quiet child who grew up in the Islamic tradition, Benguigui was only 13 years old when she first decided to become a filmmaker.

Her father was a political leader in the Algerian National Movement, and was jailed in France for three years as a political prisoner (she has also stated that he was jailed on two separate occasions and that her whole family was once under house arrest). Because he did not support her in her chosen profession, Benguigui broke off contact with him early on, only to reconnect with him in late 2001. After she left the family her mother divorced her father as well. Yamina Benguigui married a Jewish pied-noir and has two daughters.

On June 21, 2012, Yamina Benguigui has been confirmed as Minister for la Francophonie in the French Government. On June 30, 2012, The French President Francois Hollande asked Yamina Benguigui to succeed to Former French Prime Minister Jean Pierre Raffarin as his authorized representative for the OIF. (Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie)

The French Film Club of Palo Alto

INCH’ ALLAH DIMANCHE  (Inch’Allah Sunday) is the 4th film by Benguigui but the first long feature.
She won 5 impportant awards including  Marrakech’s Golden Star and Toronto’s Fipresci Media Critic Award.


Set in 1974, it’s the heart-wrenching story of an Algerian family reunited under French president Chirac’s « Family Reunion » policy. Up until that time, Algerian men who worked in France were not allowed to bring their families with them, but in 1974, that law changed. Zouina (Fejria Deliba) and her three small children leave for France with her truculent mother-in-law Aicha (Rabia Mokeddem). Zouina-who’s lived apart from her husband Ahmed (Zinedine Soualem) for 10 years doesn’t want to leave her elderly mother, but she’s dragged aboard the ship, and it sails to France.

The reunion isn’t a particularly happy one. While Ahmed greets his mother and ushers her graciously inside their new home, Zouina is more-or-less ignored, and this sets the tone for the relationships in the household. Zouina is completely under the control of her mother-in-law, and forbidden to leave the house, she’s treated like a slave. Zouina is relentlessly abused verbally as a matter of course, and beaten when she actually does something wrong. While Zouina speaks French, she doesn’t understand the culture, and many incidents occur that result in beatings. She manages to make two friends – Nicole, a young divorced woman, and the widow of an officer killed in Algeria.

While Zouina’s plight is explored with some intensity, the film also includes moments of lightheartedness. Zouina’s neighbour – the Donzes – are a house-proud pair of gardening fanatics who are simultaneously appalled and fascinated by the goings-on next door.

In Arabic and French with Engliish sub-titles.

Just started this last week, the SFIFF is THE west coast film festival and more…

Not too many French films this year , but the crop looks pretty good:

Night Across the Street  by Raul Ruiz (who passed away in 2011)
The Pirogue  by Director Moussa Toure (Senegal)
Something in the Air  by Olivier d’Assayas – Won Cannes’ Best Screen Play
Thérèse  by Claude Miller’s final film, stars Audrey Tautou.

If you want to buy tickets now, here is a direct link  to our special  TICKET PAGE  –  SEE YOU SOON!

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