Redwood City :DBF with BENOIT SCHILLINGS, Fellow at YAHOO

March 4, 2013. DBF with BENOIT SCHILLINGS, Fellow at YAHOO. Benoit Schillings is a Belgian software engineer, who until recently was the chief technology officer at Myriad Group. He is known for being one of the lead developers of the Be Operating System (BeOS) and is a noted amateur astronomer. Schillings’ association with Be Inc. began in 1990 when, as a developer of software for the Apple Macintosh, he visited the Apple Expo in Paris and met Jean-Louis Gassée. Jean-Louis Gassée, who had just left Apple Computer to found Be, asked Schillings to become the second engineer at Be where he would work on the operating system for a new computer called the BeBox. Schillings accepted the offer and, starting in March 1991, developed a file system (now known as the Old Be File System or OFS) band an associated user-space database application (called Zookeeper) that indexed the metadata in the file system. The file system was fast and efficient, but was later replaced by Dominic Giampaolo’s Be File System. Schillings also developed the graphics system for BeOS (known as the App Server), as well as programming frameworks such as the Interface Kit and Application Kit that are used by software developers to write software for the operating system. Before joining Trolltech in October 2005, Schillings worked as a « Distinguished Engineer » and CTO at OpenWave where, with Mike Reed, he led a team that developed Version 7 of the Openwave Phone Suite mobile phone applications. After Nokia acquired Trolltech, Benoit became a chief technologist at Nokia, working on hybrid programming models and Symbian/Qt integration. On October 1, 2009, he joined Myriad as CTO. In August 2011, Benoit has left Myriad Group AG for Facebook. On December 3rd 2012 Marissa Mayer announced on Twitter that Benoit Schillings will join Yahoo!’s mobile team. Depuis 1994, le premier lundi du mois, les francophones de la Baie se réunissent autour d’un buffet arrosé de vins français et d’un invité dont la présentation en français est ponctuée par les questions de Jean-Louis Gassee et de l’assistance. Sofitel San Francisco Bay 223 Twin Dolphin Drive Redwood City, CA 94065. 6.30pm-9pm. Members $25 Non-members $30. for details.


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