Happy 14th of July

from The French Film Club of Palo Alto!


After the US Independance Day, we have the French National Federation day ( as it is supposed to be called) but usually referred to « Bastille Day’ to celebrate the capture of the infamous Bastille  head cutting tool…. 

Bastille Day commemorates the initial uprising on July 14th 1789, of the French people against the monarchy that had oppressed them for centuries. The « Fete de la Federation » happened on  July 14, 1790 but did not become the National day until 1880.


Woodcut by Helman, from a picture by C. Monet, Painter of the King.


The parallels between the French & American revolutions are a testament to the common history of our two countries.

A few examples:

* The Founding Fathers’ Declaration of Independence was inspired by France’s Declaration des Droits de l’ Homme, penned almost entirely by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

* Both the US and France are technically defined as a Republic.

* The Marquis de Lafayette came to the aid of the colonists rebelling against the British at a crucial time during the fighting when the colonies were in dire need of troops and supplies.

* Our two countries embarked upon a diplomatic relationship under Lafayette & Benjamin Franklin that continues to flourish.

In modern France, Bastille Day, much like our July 4th, is a « fête du people », a celebration for the people. Towns and cities across France organize community events, the highlight of which is le bal des pompiers, or Fireman’s Ball. It is a festive occasion enjoyed by one and all.


 At the French Film Club, we have many French aficionados, and those that will be quite soon, this is why we love Bastille Day celebrations: la joie de vivre…. which we will celebrate with you from 6:30pm on Friday July 13th.


For this occasion we have asked the PARIS STRING QUARTET to come and play for us some of our favorite popular tunes.

We  will meet on the patio in front of the Parish Hall and enjoy their music and our special annual buffet: Ham, Pâté, Cheese, Quiche, Cake, Madeleines and special bar with wine: Rose, Red, White and Sparkling from various region of France.



And of course, at 8:30 pm the final movie of our cycle on:

 French Contemporary Women Filmmakers.

 Director Catherine Corsini and her 2009 film  « Partir » a.k.a « Leaving »


Ms Corsini has given us a very rare film showing the consequences of infidelity.
(Click here for more review and summary)



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