DBF avec DALI KILANI Sofitel San Francisco Bay

June 4, 2012. DBF avec DALI KILANI, Product Management leader at Zynga, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor. Dali joined Zynga in early 2010. He is currently fostering the adoption of HTML5 at the company and owns the internally developed state of the art HTML5 technology stack enabling game development across web and mobile devices. Priori to that, he held various positions at Zynga including CTO – External Publishing supporting the recent 3rd party publishing engagements announced at the Zynga.com platform launch, and Head of Engineering for Farmville, the most successful social game ever, and this during its most aggressive growth phase (reaching 30+M Daily Active Users). On his watch, Farmville delivered record breaking revenues for 4 consecutive quarters and therefore validated the free-to-play social gaming business model that Zynga had pioneered. His Farmville operational responsibility included the largest single application cloud deployment on Amazon EC2 at the time, totaling almost 10 thousand servers. Before Zynga, Dali held various technology and product leadership positions at multiple bay area companies including Ciena (Optical Networking), Nvidia (Graphics and Mobile Divisions), PanoLogic (Virtualization) and eBay (eCommerce). He also founded HappData (Big Data) in 2009. Dali is an active member of the silicon valley entrepreneurial community as an angel investor and an advisor. Depuis 1994, le premier lundi du mois, les francophones de la Baie se réunissent autour d’un buffet arrosé de vins français et d’un invité dont la présentation est ponctuée par les questions de Jean-Louis Gassee et de l’assistance. Pour chacun, c’est aussi l’occasion de faire de nouvelles connaissances et d’échanger idées et contacts avec d’autres francophones. Sofitel San Francisco Bay 223 Twin Dolphin Drive Redwood City, CA 94065 6.30pm-9pm Achat par Paypal et Membres de la Faccsf $25; Achat sur Place $30. http://www.faccsf.com


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