November 13, 2011. FALL CHOCOLATE SALON. We’re just 3 weeks away from the intimate, advance reservations only Fall Chocolate Salon on November 13th. NEW: Private screenings at the Salon, plus Chefs Q&A, of the new public television program, « Chocolate FRENCH, » based on the bestselling book, « Chocolate FRENCH. » The pilot will air locally in mid-December 2011. A unique event with limited tickets available for attendees, the Fall Luxury CHOCOLATE SALON participants include over 28 chocolatiers, confectioners, wineries and other culinary artisans. An intimate setting, the Fall Chocolate Salon is the perfect place to find the perfect Holiday gift, while tasting and savoring the chocolate lovers experience. Advance Tickets available through November 12th, while quantities last. (No Tickets at Door. San Francisco) Participants include Amano Artisan Chocolate, CocoTutti, Choclatique, Snake & Butterfly, Permano, Willet’s Mini Creations, Leonidas Fresh Belgian Chocolate, Saratoga Chocolates, Victoria Chocolatier, Nicole Lee Fine Chocolates, Sterling Truffle Bar, Toffeeology, The TeaRoom Chocolate Company, Monterey Chocolate Company, Marich Confectionary, Sixthcourse Artisan Confections, Toffee Talk, Dandelion Chocolate, MDP Signature Chocolates, Au Coeur Des Chocolats, Seattle Chocolate Company, Butterfly Brittle, Be A Gourmet, Jack & Jason’s Pancakes & Waffles, Urban Legend Cellars, The Winery SF, Jerk’NPickle, TasteTV, and more. http://www.FallChocolateSalon.com



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