Palo Alto cinema le 3 juin

« Des Hommes et des Dieux »
« Of Gods and Men »

No longer playing in the Bay area, here is a chance to enjoy a beautiful. elegant and sober film capturing a recent story never really told.

Directed by Xavier Beauvois with Lambert Wilson and Michael Lonsdale, it received many awards, particularly the « Prize of the Ecumenical Jury award » at the Cannes Festival 2010 as well being nominated for the Golden Palm, and the British BAFTA Award for best non-english language film.
Based on true events which took place in 1994-1996 in Algeria, when an extremist Islamic Group tried to leverage their capture with the French Government, a short 18 minute documentary on the Victims of Tibhirine will follow the film and further help us understand.

All you want to know about this movie and the June July program is on our website – Come early, enjoy conversation and our traditional buffet-aperitif from 7 to 8.


Join us for an evening of entertainment and education with:

French Film
French Food
French Conversation

Buy your Tickets Online

Now that you know that you want to go to our next Movienight, just click… here to buy your tickets. You save $2.00 per ticket.

But note that we also offer Fidelity Cards which gives you an added 25% off. Buy 4 tickets, get 5 Movienights! Only sold at the door for now.

Online Price:
$12.00 Adults – $10.00 Seniors – $8.00 Students
Door Price:
$14.00 Adults – $12.00 Seniors – $10.00 Students
Fidelity Cards
for 5 movies $48.00 Adults – $40 for Seniors – $32.00 Students

About our Movienights

We think that cinema is a powerful form of artistic expression, but also an art better enjoyed and appreciated in good company and if possible with a nice drink. We spend a great deal of time preparing a buffet and bar so that we all have a good time.
My thanks goes to all the volunteers that help make these Movienights possible.
Sometimes, the movie will start at 8pm due to the day’s lighting condition in the Parish Hall. Eventually, a fix will help keeping our original schedule. Thank you for your understanding.
We hope you will enjoy them too!

Thank you for your interest.


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